H2O Accountants
Just another bunch of bean counters?

At H2O we are interested in reducing your tax bill, accountancy fees and book keeping expenses by offering accountancy and tax advice tailored specifically to your needs. We do not count beans, ping pong balls or even match sticks.

As a new generation of accountants based in Portsmouth, H2O are proud to take a refreshingly different approach to providing accounting help, tax advice and support to your business. The force behind H2O, is a highly skilled team led by Hannah Oliver - a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor, with over 14 years experience and an expert in accounting issues and tax advice.

We take pride in being different. Our team is bursting with personalities and a passion for you, your business and life. In our buzzing office there is not a stereotypical accountant in sight. As a new breed of accountants and tax advisors we have a fresh outlook on accounting, whilst maintaining a strong respect for the proven values of... honesty, quality and a great service.

Capable of handling large or small business accounting, we won't sell you services and tax advice that you don't need. Our flexible approach means that our services evolve to match the needs of your business, creating a mix of accounting solutions that fit you.

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If you don’t know your HMRC Tax Return from your Companies House Annual Return, don’t despair, contact us now to arrange your free consultation and feel the stress melt away.