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Why use H2O?

Annual accounts prep

What do end of year accounts mean to you; a trip to the accountant’s office with a box of invoices only to be returned months later, with a number of unexplained pages bound together and a large bill for the privilege?

Whilst annual accounts are a necessary evil to comply with tax and company legislation, H2O aim to make the process as pain free and useful as possible.

Our services

We tailor the services we provide to your individual
circumstances and needs and believe strongly in not
selling you services you don’t require. But don’t fear,
H2O’s flexible approach mean you can both add and
remove services as your business needs change.

Whether your accounting records are delivered in a shoe box, two paper bags or a computer back up on memory stick, we can work our magic and turn these into the finished products required by HMRC and Companies House.

But it doesn’t stop there; we don’t just prepare your accounts and send them out with a meaningless letter having asked no questions. We take time to think about the information in front of us, to investigate and report back any issues identified, to interpret and explain the accounts and to make suggestions as to how business profitability and record keeping could be improved.

Helping you improve your bottom line